About Phil Koch

Phil Koch, and his wife Lisa, have been involved in the Senior Community for the last 13 years. Phil was President and Owner of ComForcare Home Care, a regionally and nationally recognized Non-Medical Home Care Agency located in Charlotte, NC, until the Fall of 2018 when he sold the business to concentrate on Senior Retreat. Phil has an MBA, has served on numerous Boards (Non-Profit) within the Senior Industry, and has been personally recognized via several sources as a leader in the Senior and Health Care Industry. Lisa Koch is a dedicated professional who has been in both the Pharmaceutical Industry for the first 10 years of her career and in the Senior Care / Health Care Industry the last 13 years including roles in Hospice, Assisted Living, Durable Medical Equipment companies, and Skilled Nursing Communities. Both Phil & Lisa are well entrenched and highly respected in the Senior Care Community. Phil has been the TV Host for “Ageing with Attitude”, for the last 7 years, which can be seen on Channel 21 every 2nd and 3rd Saturday Night at 8:30pm in and around the Charlotte Metro Market.

The couple has seen, through their experience in the Senior Industry, that many people wish to stay at home as long as possible. But some seniors prefer to live in Communities such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing /Rehab Communities and/or CCRC’s (Continuous Care Communities). Charlotte, and the surrounding area, is fortunate in having some excellent choices for any of these routes of care for the Senior Community. However, there is yet another choice that has been growing across the United States – Family Care Homes. Family Care Homes are yet another Option for seniors, and their families, to consider for Long-Term Care. Family Care Homes provide continuous 24/7 care for Senior’s in Private Residences, located in or near actually neighborhoods, that offer truly a private “Home” ambiance – but with the amenities and technology of modern day retirement centers. Family Care Homes are licensed communities through the NC DHSR and, as such, are audited and surveyed by both Mecklenburg County and NC State (NC DHSR) representatives.  There is a much higher Staff-to-patient care ratio in Family Care Homes. And who better to staff such a building but a company, owner, Administrator whose background is owning and running a Senior Care (Home Care) Staffing Agency.

Phil Koch is founder and owner of “Senior Retreat” and established the company to provide yet another option to provide the excellence-of-care seniors, and their families, wish to have for long term care. Simply put “Senior Retreat” allows the senior options if he/she cannot or prefers not to stay at home as they move into their Senior Years. As Phil puts it “….. Home Care in a true Private Residence not operated by a large Corporation – but rather owners who know, understand, and have been in the business for many years!”

Our first Family Care Home, Senior Retreat at Lansdowne, was opened in September 2015 and is located in the Lansdowne Neighborhood in South Charlotte. It is located off of Providence Road within ¼ of a mile of the JCC. Our 2nd Family Care Home, Senior Retreat at Park Crossing, is also in South Charlotte. It is located less than one mile away from Atria Pineville Hospital. Our company enjoys the honor of having an A+ Rating with the BBB and recent state annual Audit Scores of 104 and 102 out of a total 100 points equivalent to a 4 Star Rating!

The Koch’s hope that you, and your family, put your trust in “Senior Retreat” and schedule a tour!  If you’re interested to hear more, or to schedule a tour, please call Cel: (704) 654-9488