Park Crossing

Senior-Friendly Remodeling/Amenities

Lever Door Handles – We recognize that we all can get various forms of arthritis and/or pain in joints as we get older. For easier grasp, we have installed latch handles on all interior doors.
Grab Bars / Handles at Showers, Tubs, Toilets – Installed in all bathrooms throughout the house by toilets and in showers.
Low Level Access Shower Stalls – All Tubs (except Jacuzzi Tub in MB) have been taken out and been replaced with Senior Friendly low level access showers. This enables easier access and mobility to and from the shower and enables accessibility by the Caregiver to assist in bathing if and/when needed.
Smoke and Heat Detectors – Located in all Bedrooms and Hallways throughout the House. Carbon Dioxide detector. Fan and Heat Detectors in all Attics.
Modification of Light Switches – We have reworked wiring and light switches to be easier to get to for both residents and staff.
Emergency Generator – As we did with Senior Retreat at Lansdowne, we have installed (not mandatory by NC DHSR) a fully operational Generator that automatically kicks in within 7 seconds of a power outage.
Furniture Selection – Careful thought went into the selection of furniture for the home including fluid-repellent fabrics and higher/firmer couches. We also have 2 lift chairs on order.
Door & Window Widening – This was required per state code. But it would have been done anyway to help assist with ambulation in/out of rooms.
Wheelchair/Walker Accessible Ramps – We put in a Handicap Accessible Ramp (w/handles) in the garage for easier accessibility. We have also raised the back deck easier travel from the dining room to the deck and covered screened-in porch.
Increased Light / Can Lights – We installed more can lights through common rooms and private bedrooms to increase candle watt for vision.
Gas Fireplace – We installed a gas line for the fireplace in the main den.
Guard Rails – Inserted in the main hallway, back deck, and entrances/exits throughout the house.
Leveled Flooring – We have either raised the floor (Den) completely or put tapered (curved and taped) flooring between uneven floor levels.
Screened In Porch – We have a gorgeous screened in covered porch that is accessible both via the Master Bedroom Suite and/or through the Exterior Deck.