What Our Families are Saying About Us!

“…………. Thank you for the extraordinary care she is already experiencing. We pray for you all every day”

Resident’s Family

“What an extreme joy it is to know my mother is being cared for at a Senior Retreat Home. Momma has advanced Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Post Polio Syndrome. The staff has been amazing in caring for her many and varied needs. When I arrive to visit several times a week, my sweet Momma is ALWAYS well groomed (including jewelry, makeup and hair styled), she always smells good, and she always SMILES! The blessing Senior Retreat has been to my family cannot be put into words. Since Momma’s move to Senior Retreat, I have slept better and felt better than I have in years. This is because I know Momma is being cared for, and, more importantly, she is being shown love and concern by the staff at Senior Retreat. In my line of work, I help folks understand dementia caregiving, and we often help them find an assisted living. Senior Retreat is my TOP CHOICE.”

Certified Dementia Practitioner and Daughter of Resident

“ ………. I want to let you know how impressed we were with the care from Senior Retreat. One of your family members is like family to us now.”

Daughter of Resident and COO of Financial Company

“Thanks you for having the vision for such a wonderful atmosphere that has been created at Senior Retreat. It is truly a family atmosphere thanks to the wonderful staff and the surroundings of a home rather than an institutional setting. I always enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty as I drove to Senior Retreat.
The staff you have assembled have been professional, efficient, and kind to the residents and their families. Your staff should be congratulated for such a wonderful job. It would be remiss of me to not thank you for the accommodating posture you always displayed whenever I had a need or problem. When I found myself needing anything for my wife you always obliged.”

Husband of Resident – Living in Sun City

“Thank you for this wonderful place for my mom. I know that she is well cared for and that puts my mind at ease.”

Daughter of Resident

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that everyone was so considerate and supportive. Your staff is exceptional!”

Daughter of Resident

“……. after getting to know some of the caregivers on a professional and personal basis, I can say that I am THRILLED with Senior Retreat! Your caregivers demonstrate that they truly love the residents, and have their best interests at heart. I can only speak for my mom but I see that they treat the other residents the same.”

Daughter of Resident

“I would like to thank you for the extraordinary care you gave to my mother’s . You were so kind and generous with your time by responding so quickly to what I felt was an urgent need to get her relocated. You were wonderful to go to bat for us and work out the details of getting her into Senior Retreat at Park Crossing even though it was short notice and a weekend. The group home concept was exactly what my mother needed to get the special and personal care she needed. Your staff lovingly cared for her every need, from home cooking, to games and building a relationship with her. Being a fall risk the caregivers were very careful to place her in their sight and make sure she would be safe. In larger facilities the caregivers cannot often meet the daily needs of the residents in a timely fashion because of a poor ratio of staff to residents. Senior Retreat, and it’s staff, is set up in such a way that they are constantly overseeing the needs and care of the residents and it meant so much to me and my mother! At this difficult time of life, residents with memory issues cannot build relationships with one another. But this setting facilitates the creation of a more personal connection between the residents and their caregivers. As a daughter, it was of great comfort to me to know all of my Mother’s needs were being met by a loving caregiver who showed her respect, compassion, and took care of her daily needs! With this more personal approach, and a small number of people to care for, they were more able to do a great job at overseeing her medications and her health needs. When we leave our parents in a care facility and “worry” about their care it is very stressful and difficult! Your staff eliminated that worry and I could always rest comfortably with her in their care.
Finally when the end of her life approached it was amazing to watch them take compassionate care of her. They played quiet music , they kept her clean and comfortable and made sure she had everything she needed during the last days of her life. The staff also ministered to me!
What a gift it was to me during such a difficult time of life to have such a place as this to care for my mother! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and all of those who cared for her!
May many others know this precious care because of you and your wonderful staff.”

Daughter of Resident