What is a Family Care Home

A Family Care Home (FCH) is a licensed Group Home which falls under the Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina. Our FCH is specifically set-up to cater to Senior Residents. An average resident for Senior Retreat will be someone wanting and/or needing to have assistance with certain Activities of Daily Living either temporarily, occasionally, or at all times. Our FCH will be staffed with appropriate Caregivers 24/7 under the director Supervision of the Administrator and a Supervisory RN. Various Diets, created by our own FCH Dietician/Nutritionist have been created and will be made available to Residents with guidance from the Resident’s Family Physicians. Scheduled Activities will take place at our Home. Medications will be able to be stored at the Community and administered, if needed, by licensed MedTechs. FCH’s are monitored and audited by numerous County and State Regulatory Agencies.

Senior Retreat, a licensed Family Care Home, serves a specific type of client. That is someone wishing and/or needing occasional or constant assistance but living in a Beautiful, Fully Senior-Friendly Home in an actual neighborhood. The staff to resident ratio is much less in a FCH than a normal Retirement Community. Residents moving to Senior Retreat will get a true feel of living in a warm and inviting private “Home” with only a few (6 max residents) residents as house neighbors. Family Care Homes might not be for everyone but will serve as another great option for our Seniors in the Charlotte Metro Market wanting yet another choice in Senior Care Options. Please call us and schedule a tour to see what Senior Retreat at Lansdowne has to offer.

The first of our Family Care Home that is opening will be “Senior Retreat at Lansdowne” located in the Lansdowne Neighborhood in South Charlotte. It is located off of Providence Road within 1/8 a mile of the JCC. The Koch’s hope that you, and your family, put your trust in “Senior Retreat” and schedule a tour!

What clients are saying:

“Thank you for this wonderful place for my mom. I know that she is well cared for and that puts my mind at ease.” “Daughter of Resident”